HLPF 2018: Where’s people’s development in the “transformation to sustainable and resilient societies”?: Page 3 of 3

Posted on 18 July 2018

development concerns and forward alternative development paradigms that are founded on people’s rights and sovereignty – pointing to the central role of grassroots and people’s organisations in holding governments and even private sector to account at national level.

After this thematic week, state representatives came back on the 16 th to begin the HLPF week of “voluntary national reviews” (VNRs). These are states’ assessments on how they are implementing and integrating the sustainable development goals into national policies. Outside the auspices of the UN, who would hear these reports? And if those currently left behind – in an agenda founded on “leaving no one behind” – would hear their states’ reports, what would they think of these reports? ### (Rodolfo Lahoy Jr, New York)

IBON International ( engages in capacity development for people’s rights and democracy around the world. It strengthens links between local campaigns and advocacies to international initiatives and brings development issues from the international arena in a way that peoples’ organizations and social movements can engage with at country level.

Global Region: