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Civil Society Workshop on Alternatives and Peoples Struggles for Sustainability

  • Pablo Solon talks about the dangers of the financialization of nature and the promotion of carbon markets in the Green Economy model.
  • Foro Social Tematico 2012 in Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Foro Social Tematico 2012 started last January 24 and lasted until January 29. It was hosted by key cities in Brazil
  • Nicole Benedicto of Solidaridad provides a narrative of peoples' struggles all over the world against intensified resource grabs and in defense of common goods
  • Michel Lambert of Alternatives talks about the Canadian tar sands struggle against the Keystone Pipeline project which will destroy indigeneous territories and lives.
  • Isaac Rojas, International Coordinator of Amigos dela Terra Costa Rica calls the green economy a 'perverse' attempt of the capitalist system thats been attacking nature and people.
  • Anil Naidoo of the Council of Canadians Blue Planet Project stresses that the Green Economy agenda is a desperate move of a very desperate capitalist system to save itself from the multiple crises.
  • Ivo Lesbaupin of ABONG, Brazilian NGO platform, talks about the need to push for the Common Good of Humanity and called on governments to rethink thier role in the economy and promotion of peoples' welfare.