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IBON Int’l Director shares CSO concerns on upcoming GPEDC high-level meeting
Tujan interview on Youtube

IBON International Director Antonio Tujan Jr shares some insights and concerns in an interview after the recent 5th Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC) Steering Committee (SC) Meeting. Read more...

Last-minute compromises in COP 19 fail to deliver positive outcomes
IBON International Update #13

COP 19, the UN climate talks in Warsaw, is running out of time. It is threatened with complete breakdown as major disagreements continue, with heated debates continuing throughout the night in the final stretch of the two-week-long international meeting. Read more...

Indonesian peasants slam land grabs, WTO
Aliansi Gerakan Reforma Agraria holds rally in Jakarta

Thousands of peasants held a protest action in Jakarta, Indonesia to highlight campaigns on land grabbing, the junking of WTO, and continued hikes in fuel prices. Rahmat Ajiguna, Secretary General of the Alliance of Agrarian Reform Movement/Aliansi Gerakan Reforma Agraria (AGRA), said that the protest is the Indonesian peasantry’s response to oppressive government policies. Read more...

High-level panel report falls short of CSO expectations—CPG
Campaign for People's Goals responds to post-2015 report

The Campaign for People’s Goals (CPG) recently posted on its website (www.peoplesgoals.org) a detailed point-by-point response to the Official Report of the High Level Panel (HLP) on Post-2015. Key points of the CPG critique are summarized here. Read more...

Comment on the post-2015 HLP report
CSOs disappointed with report's failures, shortcomings

Civil Society groups have responded to the long awaited release of the UN High Level Panel’s report to the UN Secretary General on the post 2015 development framework with disappointment. While the report aspires to eradicate extreme poverty and promote sustainable development it has failed to put forward meaningful recommendations or targets that would challenge the economic systems that fuel inequalities and environmental degradation according to diverse civil society groups from around the world.   Read more...

IP groups to tackle aid and dev't effectiveness in Norway workshop
Save the date: June 12, 2013

In view of indigenous peoples' concerns on aid and development effectiveness, several global groups are organizing the Indigenous Peoples' Workshop on Aid and Development Effectiveness to be held on June 12, 2013 at the Finmark University College in Alta, Norway. Read more...

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