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10 Jun 2019
Annual Report 2018

On our third year of implementing the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, IBON International has reaped successes as we strive for our vision of a prosperous, democratic society that is free from inequality and oppression.

14 Feb 2019
Enhancing the Implementation of the IBON International Strategic Plan 2016-2020

This is less of an "amendment" to our strategic plan, but rather its enrichment towards our goals for rights-based and people-powered democracy.

31 Aug 2018
Annual Report 2017

2017 was a fruitful year as we continued to develop our work in contributing to and in solidarity with Southern peoples’ struggles -- with a view towards people's development through rights and sovereignty of the people.

2 Jun 2017
Annual Report 2016

Laying the Groundwork for People's Sovereignty and Rights: 2016 is certainly an important year for IBON International as we reaffirmed the need to start with people’s exercise of sovereignty and rights, as an important step towards our goal of social transformation.

16 Jun 2016

Pursuing People-Powered Democracy

We are pleased to announce the release of IBON International's 2015 Annual Report, in both print and digital format.

16 Jun 2016
IBON International Strategic Plan 2016-2020
As part of IBON International's Strategic Review and Planning process, we were able to create a new Strategic Plan for 2016-2020 that aims to address the roots of poverty, inequality, exclusion, environmental destruction and injustice through social transformation under the Rights-based Democracy/People-Powered Democracy (RBD/PPD) framework. 
RBD/PPD is a transformative framework that enables people to claim their rights and hold duty-bearers accountable, as well as self-organize and self-mobilize as dev
11 May 2015

AR 2014 highlights the continuing process of developing IBON International as a service institution focused on capacity development for the people. Aside from the institution's structure, advocacies, and policy frameworks featured in this report, AR2014 also highlights the accomplishments and workings of our networks and programs.

21 Apr 2014

AR 2013 gives an overview of the institution’s structure, advocacies, and policy frameworks. It provides an in-depth look at the accomplishments and workings of our networks, programs, and units in the past year. In line with principles of transparency and accountability, this report also includes a breakdown of financial figures and a listing of our partners and affiliates throughout the year.

21 Apr 2013

IBON International's digital release of its 2012 Annual Report

10 Feb 2012

This report highlights IBON’s and its partners’ accomplishments in 2011 through programs and networks that it hosts. From around six people in 2005, its staff compliment including staff seconded in networks has grown to 36, with its turnover growing to the maximum projected for the medium term.


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