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21 Apr 2014

AR 2013 gives an overview of the institution’s structure, advocacies, and policy frameworks. It provides an in-depth look at the accomplishments and workings of our networks, programs, and units in the past year. In line with principles of transparency and accountability, this report also includes a breakdown of financial figures and a listing of our partners and affiliates throughout the year.

30 Mar 2013
In Defense of People's Rights (March-June 2013)

In this special issue of Education for Development Magazine (EDM), we examine the various faces of human rights violations and abuses in Philippine society and its connection to the wider international order.

28 Jan 2013
Africa Rising: Growth for Whom? (January-February 2013)

This issue of Education for Development Magazine (EDM) investigates the growth and development trends in the African region--separating fact from fiction and posing the question: development for whom?

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