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16 Nov 2015
IBON Primer on a New Climate Protocol
On December 2015, officials of states and global agencies will gather anew in Paris for the COP 21 to produce a draft text that will be the basis of a new global climate agreement to replace the diluted standards of the Kyoto Protocol. 
The Paris talks will be under the watchful eyes of the world’s policy makers and advocates on climate and development, mass media, the scientific and academic communities, business, civil society, and the public at large.
3 Feb 2015
Policy Brief on a New Climate Protocol

As conflicts of interest between developed and developing countries heighten in the negotiations for a new protocol, IBON International offers policy positions on mitigation, adaptation, and finance which should form the most crucial building blocks for a new climate protocol.

20 Dec 2014
After Lima: Hopes falter for a system-changing climate deal

On nearly all counts, the Lima outcome amounts to a major step-back on the climate negotiations so far. Even by the dilute standards of the Kyoto Protocol, the draft agreement is unambitious, offers no regulatory framework for what is supposed to be a “binding” climate agreement, and completes a process that blurs the distinction between global north and south.

15 Sep 2014
No ‘New Deal’ with Climate, Inc.: For a People’s Protocol on Climate Change

IBON International, in solidarity with civil society organisations (CSOs) and people’s movements around the world, take action for climate justice to demand a new Peoples’ Climate Protocol in 2015. We demand a real ‘new deal’ grounded in climate justice, human rights, social equity, and participatory democracy, with a commitment to public financing and major shifts in prevailing economic paradigms to meet sustainable development objectives.

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