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18 Jul 2018
HLPF 2018: Where’s people’s development in the “transformation to sustainable and resilient societies”?

It is with awareness that some civil society organisations (CSOs) admit that the HLPF is a space that, from its first day, already has limits.

24 May 2018
Development with a clear bias for marginalised and oppressed peoples: IBON International at 2018 UN DCF

We highlighted the need to ensure people’s rights, especially for marginalised communities, and the people’s ownership of their development path and related processes – with poverty eradication as the essential development outcome.

2 May 2018
The ADB's Strategy 2030: Repackaging Neoliberalism?

The ADB's draft Strategy 2030 continues to push for the expansion of private sector role in the development agenda.

11 Aug 2017
Development for Whom? How Navotas fisherfolk resist the displacement of their people and livelihood

Reflections on the struggle of Navotas fisherfolk for their community and right to livelihood, and the impacts of corporate-led development pushed by the WTO and governments.

12 Jul 2019
AIIB 2019: Intensified Corporatization of Development and Dirtier Energy

As its membership and project portfolio continue to grow, social movements have raised the alarm on the AIIB ushering in an expanded era of corporatization of development and environmental unsustainability.

27 Feb 2019
Notes towards people-powered, sustainable consumption and production

Towards an initial framework for people-powered sustainable consumption and production.

31 May 2018
At the 2018 Development Cooperation Forum

On 22 May 2018, IBON International went to the 2018 High-Level Meeting of the Development Cooperation Forum of the UN Economic and Social Council

27 Apr 2018
On the narrative of catalytic role of ODA/blended finance

On 26 April 2018, Jennifer del Rosario-Malonzo participated at the 2018 Financing for Development Forum.

2 Dec 2013
Migration and Development: A Matter of Seeking Justice

IBON Policy Brief, October 2013

IBON International has just released its policy brief entitled "Migration & Development: A Matter of Seeking Justice" that examines the various issues surrounding migrant workers in the context of achieving sustainable pathways to development. It presents a comprehensive alternative in understanding migration not just as a demographic opportunity to maximize, but a problem of social justice that needs to be addressed.

5 Jan 2013
What is missing in the G-20 agenda?

The structural imbalances in the global economy – inequality between capital-owners and wage-earners, between high finance and the real economy, between developed and developing countries, and the democratic deficit in institutions of global economic governance – constitute systemic failures of the neoliberal development model which the global crisis has exposed. These are precisely the problems that need to be resolved if we are to avoid another downturn, and shift to a truly equitable, just and sustainable development path.

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