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18 Aug 2017
Crisis Extended: 2017 Report on the International Situation

The 2017 Report on the International Situation covers the latest trends in the global economy, geopolitics and conflict.

6 Jul 2017
Forum on the 2017 International Situation

Join us on August 19 as we hold a Forum on the 2017 International Situation, to be held at the College of Mass Communication of the University of the Philippines-Diliman, in Quezon City, Philippines!

14 Dec 2018
International Situation 2018: Simmering crisis, rising inequalities amid corporate concentration

Far from jubilations of recovery, global economic growth is still slower today, more than ten years since the 2008 crisis. In a world situation of ballooning global debt, and the slow discrediting of neoliberal policy, corporate giants have continued to increase their profits at the expense of people's rights and welfare.

26 May 2013
Prospects for the Global Crisis: 2013 Report on the International Situation

IBON Institute for International Development is a new division of IBON International, synthesizing IBON’s wide range of knowledge base on social policy, politics, economics and development. I3D is grounded on the reality it engages in the course of its capacity development work for democracy and human rights.

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