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17 Sep 2019
Sustainable consumption and production: From “resource-efficient” status quo to social transformation

When considering prospects for sustainable consumption and production, it is necessary to examine relations among states as regards trade and investment, and relations among governments, big business and people’s organisations.

24 Jun 2019
People-powered sustainable consumption: A visioning & mapping study

This book aims to begin our work on SCP, establishing country-level evidence of how the states and people’s organisations in Kenya, Indonesia and the Philippines have responded to the call for sustainability.

18 Jun 2019
Towards people-powered sustainable consumption and production in Asia-Pacific

It will be held under the theme “Asian Perspectives and Priorities in SCP: Bridging Sustainability Research with Policy and Practice” at the Global Research Forum on Sustainable Production and Consumption.

27 Feb 2019
Notes towards people-powered, sustainable consumption and production

Towards an initial framework for people-powered sustainable consumption and production.

18 Jul 2018
To what extent could big business forward “sustainable consumption and production”?

Private sector role is seen to be important in "sustainable consumption and production" and more generally in today's development agenda.

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