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22 Apr 2016
Heading for higher ground: Climate crisis, migration and the need for justice and system change re-launch

April 22, 2016, Earth Day, IBON International is re-launching this video, "Heading for Higher Ground: Climate Crisis, migration, and the need for justice and system change" to signify our solidarity with migrants and refugees who are forced to leave from their homes due to poverty, wars and conflicts, and climate change.

24 Oct 2017
COP 23 and the long, bumpy road to implementing the Paris Climate Agreement

It has been almost two years since the Paris Climate Agreement was signed, but much work still lies ahead to get on with the challenging task of implementing the agreement in countries whose governments have joined in.

5 Dec 2015
Global Peoples' Surge in Paris: Voices of Frontline Communities

People & Planet in Crisis: Frontline Communities' Voices on Climate Justice and System Change

26 Oct 2015
Key Asks for Climate Justice and System Change

It is time to fully recognize that climate change is not only an environmental issue but also a matter of justice since it arises from the gross injustices of capitalism driven by profit and accumulation. It is not simply a matter of differing levels of development since the historical difference in levels of development resulted from exploitation by centuries of colonialism and continuing neocolonialism. It is a human issue with immediate implications for jobs, homes, health, food, and lives. Those who are hit first and hardest are those who contributed least to the problem. Climate change will only exacerbate poverty and widen the gap between the small rich section and the poorest of the world.

23 Sep 2015
SAVE THE DATE: IFPRS 2015 set on Nov 17

On November 17, 2015, activists, civil society leaders, academics, and thinkers from different global regions will gather in Manila, Philippines for the 3rd International Festival of People’s Rights and Struggles (IFPRS) at the Bahay ng Alumni. The IFPRS is a space for peoples to share and learn from each other about new and longstanding issues related to people’s individual and collective rights. The IFPRS offers a wide range of opportunities for learning and networking with simultaneous forums, workshops, strategy sessions, film showings and exhibits.

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