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15 Nov 2016
IBON International: Climate Justice

The planet is experiencing a climate crisis of catastrophic proportions. Extreme weather events have vividly shown how these can bring entire countries and communities to a virtual standstill.

31 May 2018
At the 2018 Development Cooperation Forum

On 22 May 2018, IBON International went to the 2018 High-Level Meeting of the Development Cooperation Forum of the UN Economic and Social Council

12 Oct 2017
Trade for the People

This video briefly covers how the new free trade agreements continue to threaten people's rights, and describes the work of IBON International towards the goal of protecting people's economic rights in trade and investment.

14 Nov 2016
IBON International: Capacity Development for the People

A short video describing the nature of the work of IBON International in building capacity development for the people.

13 Oct 2016
Public-Private Partnerships: Public Costs, Private Gain

This short video reveals how the failure of privatization globally in the past decades, as manifested in massive layoffs of workers, higher cost of public services, and loss of public accountability, has led the advocates of neoliberal structural reforms, specifically International Financial Institutions (IFIs), to repackage the same model in a more palatable name (i.e. PPP). Moreover, it tries to unmask the lopsided relationship governments have with the private sector in a PPP set-up and describes how the public, especially the poor, is further economically dislocated and marginalized with governments engaging in PPP.


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